Our experience with Healthcare organizations from large to small translates into programs with custom solutions that fit your size and processes that achieve compliance.

HIPAA Gap Analysis

HIPAA Gap Analysis is a quick way to get a snapshot of your systems, processes, procedures, and documentation as it relates to compliance. Being your partner on creating a roadmap that we can use to bring solutions that work for you to eliminate that any gaps to better facilitate your company’s security stance and have a positive a HIPAA Risk Analysis experience.

HIPAA Risk Assessment

We can perform the HIPAA required Risk Analyis that all covered entities and their business associates must perform to be compliant. We can work with you to ensure compliance with HIPAA’s administrative, physical, and technical safegaurds. A risk assessment also helps reveal areas where protected health information could be at risk, and work with you on any efforts to minimize or eliminate any associated risk.


GAP Analysis & Security Program Review

Suller Technology will educate any parties that need guidance around the PCI standards. We will conduct interviews, review controls and documentation.

Security Risk Assessment

Suller Technology’s in-depth security risk assessment identifies and quantifies risk, helping you meet regulatory requirements.

Self-Assessment Questionnaire

Suller provides guidance to your organization as you complete the SAQ questionnaire. Most companies can reach compliance doing the self-assessment route. Let us assist your identification, and remediate any found issues so you can fill out and reach compliance with confidence.